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AutoMOST software captures the knowledge of the industrial engineer to allow others to set accurate and consistent time standards through an automated graphical user interface. AutoMOST is a Windows-based, object-oriented knowledge acquisition tool that uses advanced technology to assist in interviewing, analyzing, and decision making. The software can provide a user with problem solving skills comparable to the expert. A knowledge engineer using AutoMOST creates decision trees that are converted automatically into a knowledge-based system, by capturing the expertise of the domain expert. Using this tree, a non-expert end-user can derive a logical conclusion to a problem. When this goal is accomplished, the performance of any one employee is dramatically increased. Closing the gap between a domain expert and a less experienced employee provides increased produc-tivity, efficiency, and quality. The AutoMOST software is seamlessly linked to Maynard's MOST Data Manager software. AutoMOST uses expert system technology (described above) to automate the process of creating operations standards and plans. By capturing the knowledge of the experts in your facility, AutoMOST allows non-expert individuals to perform repetitive tasks associated with the maintenance of standards. This leaves the experts free to perform tasks which require more creative thinking, such as identifying method and process improvements, thus leading to significant cost reductions.

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