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MOST for Windows is a Windows-based work measurement tool that enables you to create and maintain a database of work elements. The soft-ware automatically produces times based on the MOST Keyword Language method description entered by the analyst. MOST for Windows allows you to quickly and accurately measure the time required to perform a job or task. Using work area layouts (graphical representations of an actual work environment), you use an English like "keyword" language to create steps within a sub-operation. A sub-operation is a discrete, logical, and measurable part of a job or task. MOST for Windows provides three separate Work Measurement Systems: BasicMOST, MiniMOST, and MaxiMOST. The BasicMOST system satisfies the most common work measurement situations in manufacturing. BasicMOST is the core of MOST Work Measurement Systems and includes sequence models to analyze the movement of objects, the use of tools, and the operation of manual and powered cranes. The Keyword Language The MOST Keyword Language is a set of words that can be combined to form sentences that describe an activity. The sentences you create using the MOST Keyword Language are easy to understand since they have many of the same elements as sentences in everyday language. Like spoken or written sentences, Keyword sentences contain nouns, verbs, direct objects, and so on.

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