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The Improver helps engineers improve the most typical product/process features by applying the extensive I-TRIZ knowledge-base, assembled from proven knowledge extracted from the worldwide patent libraries and other sources of tested technological knowledge. The Improver includes the following modules: l System of Operators  knowledge base containing more than 200 Operators (time-tested innovation "secrets" abstracted from world-wide patent libraries), embodying proven design change recommendations targeted toward enhancing functionality and/or reducing the cost of a product or process. l Innovative Illustration Library  stimulates creativity and often launches innovative "solution concepts" through the use of more than 600 innovative design solutions illustrating the (above) Operators. l Innovation Mini-Guide  Provides keywords (examples: Curie effect, magnetostriction) to help the user identify areas of scientific knowledge that will be applicable to the problem being addressed. Links to the 600 solutions in the Innovation Illustration Library. l Problem re-formulation module  allows the user to modify the problem statement to expand the "solution space." l Evaluation module  allows the user to benchmark and identify preferred design concepts from among those that have been developed. Helps to reveal secondary problems which can arise as by-products of system improvement. System Requirements : Microsoft 95/ 98/ 2000/ Me/ NT, VGA monitor, 16 MB RAM, 16 MB available hard disk space, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

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