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A total innovation system that provides engineers with expert I-TRIZ assistance in solving challenging technological problems. Proven to help users develop implementable solutions that at times represent true technological breakthroughs.

The IWB® includes the following modules:
Innovation Situation Questionnaire® (ISQ)- a tool for preliminary problem analysis that helps users structure and document information about a problem situation into a format useful for problem solving. The ISQ® also help users view a problem from multiple perspectives at the same time (a fundamental component of all TRIZ endeavors), and is a powerful means to help reduce psychological inertia.

Problem Formulator" - a patented analytical tool that gives users the ability to model systems or problem situations in terms of cause-and-effect relationships, and attack the overall problem more effectively by slicing it into a subset of simpler (typical) engineering dilemmas that are directly linked to the IWB's extensive knowledge base.

System of Operators  encompasses the vast I-TRIZ knowledge base culled from the analysis of over 2 million patents worldwide. Includes 440 Operators  innovation "secrets" abstracted from the successful results of previous inventors spanning a broad cross-section of technological areas.

Innovative Illustration Library  contains examples of more than 1200 practical applications of the Operators.

Innovation Guide  a compendium of articles describing physical, chemical and geometric effects, along with more than 1,000 engineering applications of this knowledge. With integral links to the System of Operators, the Innovation Guide serves as a powerful tool to help users find and apply the resources they need to execute their solution ideas.

Evaluation module  provides access to proven methods to help users benchmark design concepts, anticipate and prevent problems with solution implementation, and foresee the potential evolution of a solution and/or system.

The IWB e-Learning program consists of seven modules featuring over 500 pages of material that shows you:
 How the Innovation Situation Questionnaire and the Problem Formulator work together to help you discover the real problem  the one you really want solved.
 How to change your problem from one that is impossible to solve to one that is possible to solve.
 How to streamline your use of the IWB software and its Problem Formulator.

Special Features of the IWB e-Learning program
 I-TRIZ Basics: Just-in-time reference tools that cover Ideality, Resources, Psychological Inertia, Contradictions, Systems Approach and Problem Statement Modification.
 Problem Formulator Quick Reference: FAQs, Sample Models, Strategies for Building Models, Guidelines for Checking Your Models, and more.
 Detailed Glossary of TRIZ, I-TRIZ, and IWB terms.
 Lessons-Learned Notepad is always accessible for capturing notes and concepts.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows" 95/98/2000/Me/NT, VGA monitor, 32 MB RAM, 45 MB available hard disk space, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

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