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CREAX Systematic Innovation Suite
CREAX now offers you the latest high tech software support that helps you with your innovation process. You get benefit driven access to systematic innovation, tools to systematize your creativity and to help you manage the complexity of your problems. You can analyze your current products in no time and solve your problems using the strategies of the best inventors worldwide. The CREAX Systematic Innovation Suite consists of 3 components : CreaTRIZ Classic (Technical) version 3.0 and leaves you the possibility to combine it with CreaTRIZ for Business & Management version 3.0 and the Evolutionary Potential program.

The benefits of the total package are numerous : you get an integrated version of both Classic and Business & Management Software, allowing you to choose or combine different possibilities and to bring in elements from a different field. Next to that, you will find a full process from start to finish, guiding the user along the way, accompanied by a complete help process for first time TRIZ users. Thanks to the component structure, you will use less space on your hard disk and you will be able to work faster.

The Innovation Suite also possesses an upgrade-ability to a multi-user version. For those who are not so familiar with abstract thinking, CREAX has added a whole series of practical examples that are easy to recognize and to compare to your specific situation or product. In short, the CREAX Systematic Innovation Suite is a catalyst for innovations that strips away boundaries between industries.

CreaTRIZ Classic for Industries
CreaTRIZ Classic, where all solutions emerge from the application of a small number of inventive principles, allowing users to solve problems and identify opportunities in a unique way, to predict the evolution of any process or product, to design around patents, or strengthen existing patents.

CreaTRIZ for Business & Management
CreaTRIZ Business & Management, business best practice extracted, distilled and encapsulated, which enables you to predict business & management evolutions by using an unpublished Management Matrix and the strategies of the best managers, leaders and business gurus.

Evolutionary Potential
The Evolutionary Potential Software enables you to rapidly create your own Evolutionary Potential Radar plots, which identify the limiting factors in the overall evolution, so you can conduct your own innovation studies and compare competitors products with your own and use the indicated trends to predict your next step in the innovation process.

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