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MTM Practitioners


Productivity, Work Measurement, Lean Six Sigma, & Operational Excellence

Improving manpower productivity can be achieved by any company with the right tools, training and process cycle time engineering models and properly implemented engagement system.


APRC has provided to manufacturing industries the much needed expertise through training, certification and consultancy for the past 25 years.  We have had worked with the best in their respective field :- Edward H. Hartman (of H. B Maynard), Alan D. Brown (of UK MTM Association), Maurice Cash of GE Corporate Consulting Services and Davis Bothe of ASQ Six Sigma Education Board.


As a results of their joint effort and many others who have contributed to the development of our technical knowhow, APRC is able to provide the best-in-class expertise on Work Measurement, Productivity, Lean and Six Sigma implementation and many other areas of productivity applications.


APRC is the first in the region to offer the most comprehensive Certified Lean Healthcare training to transform the Hospital Healthcare Service.  Our Certified Lean Manager training has achieved significant results from those who are certified to apply our lean application system.  Our Certified Lean Six Sigma training is co-developed with Davis Bothe, a ASQC Six Sigma Education Board member and have certified several hundred Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt in Asia Pacific region.  Our TPM for Operational Excellence has achieved wide-spread implementation success among all the top multi-nationals.


We developed GTM (Garment Time Measurement) that revolutionalize and speed up costing of new garment design and for use in achieving operational excellence in the Garment Manufacturing Industry. 


Productivity Innovation Lean and Work Measurement


Certified Lean Six Sigma

Our Lean Six Sigma training provides the most comprehensive training to cover the important knowledge-fields that are required for Operational Change Deployment.  Both Green Belt and Black Belt graduates undergo through down-to-earth Lean and Six Sigma techniques and tools to conduct DMAIC study to improve the process.  The training will be focused on Lean best-practice plus practical statistical methods and analysis for decision-making.


Lean Six Sigma Training

The Green Belt

The Green Belt graduates will be able to undertake continuous improvement for Lean Improvement as well as conducting quality improvement projects under the guidance of the Black Belt.  Fundamentally, they will obtain the Lean Six Sigma application knowhow to:


1)    Map The Value Stream Processes

2)    Conduct Process Improvement

3)    Improve On The Delivery Cycle Time Through Value Stream Improvement

4)    Supervise Effective Deployment Of Lean & Quality Practices

5)    Collect Data For Process Quality Control

6)    Make Independent Decision For Adjusting The Process For Stability

7)    Apply Statistical Tools To Make Decision To Select The Right Corrective Measures

8)    Apply DMAIC Thinking Process To Manage & Solve Quality Problem


The Black Belt

The Black Belt graduates will advance from the Green Belt curriculum to undertake further extensive training.  They are the leaders to take charge of coordinating all the quality and lean projects that are initiated.  Therefore, they learn advanced statistical tools for decision analysis, which include Variation Reduction, Analysis of Variances, Statistical Inferences, FMEA, Root Cause Problem Solving and Process Design Improvement and How To Manage DMAIC project.  The Black Belt training will be able to independently manage and provide technical support to the on-going Green Belt projects as well as initiating new projects for study.


Certified Lean Six Sigma


Lean Six Sigma Project Submission

The certification of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt is based upon:


1)    Class Attendance

2)    Groupwork Participation

3)    Class Assignment

4)    In-Plant Green Belt Project (Groupwork)

5)    In-Plant Black Belt Project

6)    Submission of Project Report (4 months on completion of training)


The Benefits

The benefits of Lean Six Sigma training includes:


a)    Achieving Savings Target

b)    Workplace Transformation Change

c)    Employees' Empowerment

d)    Process Quality Improvement

e)    Continuous Workflow

f)    Reduction Of Manpower

g)    Machine & Layout Configuration

h)    Developing An Effective Pull System

i)    Improving Productivity

j)    Reducing Product Costs

k)    Improving Product & Process Reliability

l)    All Round Technical Problem Solving


Black Belt

Green Belt

Yellow Belt

Champion Training

Executive Coaching


Certified Lean Six Sigma

Our consultants/instructors are world-class experts in their respective fields and have had at least 25 years of consulting and instructional training for a wide field of industry. 


Our Lean Six Sigma, Green Belt and Black Belt and other related training courses are taught by industrial leaders in their field:-


a)    Dr. Dean Stamatis

b)    Davis Bothe

c)    Dr. Eden Chen

d)    C. H. Wong

e)    Dr. Mark Goldstein

f)    Andy Sleeper


Our clients include Rolls Royce Group of Companies, SIAEC venture partners ACUMENT, Infineon, Agilent, SAESL, DHL, Jabil, Flextronics, Intel, Dell, Bosch, and etc.


Certified Lean Manager


Certified Lean Manager

(Manufacturing, Engineering, Logistics & Services)

This certification is for managers and engineers who are keen to apply the industry's best practice that is not well understood.  Going through this 5 days, we will impart real lean knowhow that would enable managers and engineers to acquire world class expertise on Cycle Time Engineering that you can use to re-engineer your processes, Lean Line, One-Piece-Flow, Mixed Model Production, and combination of Pull System Design with one-piece-flow assembly line or cellular production.  The training includes how manager can introduce change to transform the workplace positively and achieve real cost improvement in the order of 15% to 30% savings.














Takt Time

Pitch Time

Kanban Time

Heijunka Board



Value Stream





Production Study











In-Plant Projects

Participants will be assigned to in-house projects to map the Value Stream of their own processes; input the right Process Attribute Data, calculate the Value Stream Cycle Time for the stated quantity or kanban quantity and subsequent workflow quantity.  With this information, the company will be able to organize resources to meet Delivery Requirements.  Additionally, the participants will be able to conduct their own Kaizen Production Study to eliminate all the Seven/Eight Big Wastes and increase the Value Adding content.  This will automatically affect the bottom-line Value Added Operation for success.  

Certified Lean Manager


Certified Lean Healthcare


Certified Lean Leaders (Healthcare/Service)

We have had great success in implementing Lean in most of Hong Kong's public hospitals where lean system has taken off to a high level.  With the co-operation of Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) we were able to not only provide our most practical lean applications to the hospital environment but also trained a team of HKPC Productivity Consultants to take over the Lean Consultancy for hospitals.

Certified Lean Leaders


Certified Productivity Manager


Certified Productivity Manager

This is a 5-day to 30-day training that provides the best in productivity management, measurement and improvement and the best-in-class implementation expertise in productivity.


The Certified Productivity Manager training course is based on our diverse experience in designing, conducting and implementing real Productivity Solutions to drive organization - wide cost improvement activities.  Our instructor is grounded in Work Study Engineering expertise, Work Measurement expertise and Lean Production Design Solutions.  We will teach you how to implement Cost Reduction Management to be implemented company-wide with key measurement indicators to track implementation progress.


As a matter of credibility we have had trained and certified several thousands of engineers and managers in our best-in-class certification program on Productivity Improvement, Cycle Time Management, Quick Changeover, Kaizen Production Study, Direct Time Study, Work Sampling not to mention our real expertise in Work Measurement that is recognized world-wide by big industry and universities that offer industrial engineering curriculum.


APRC has the world-class Productivity Measurement and the Cycle Time Engineering knowhow.  You will be learning from the best in the field.  Please contact us for more information. 

Certified Productivity Manager


Most Work Measurement


Certified MOST Work Measurement Training

For the past 25 years, APRC is the leading edge expert on Productivity Work Measurement Technique for hundreds of multi-national companies throughout the Asia Pacific Region.  Over the years we have trained and certified several 1000s managers and engineers in our best-in-class Work Measurement Technique that are now in widely used all over the world.


We deliver real expertise to develop the capability of your enterprise to apply Basic-MOST Work Measurement Technique, as well as Mini-MOST Work Measurement Techniques, Maxi-MOST Work Measurement Technique to establish Standard Time, Work Standard for Process Costing, Manpower Budgetary Control and evaluation of Work Improvement Method.  These are the tools that you have to use for Continuous Improvement and for process redesign of your Value Stream processes.








Certified MOST

Lean Solution

Cycle Time



Time Study




Data For



Data For

Garment Sewing


Certified MOST Work Measurement


Certified MTM Practioners


Certified MTM Work Measurement Training

We have pioneered the best approach to teach MTM Work Measurement that is recognized world-wide.  We teach you the human motion patterns at work, the ergonomics of human machine operations.  We are Member of UK MTMA Ltd and our MTM Certification is accredited and taught by certified MTM Instructor.  On successful completion you will receive an accredited certification in MTM.


Once trained, you will acquire the ability to improve the design of Workplace Layout, Jigs and Tool Design, Develop Time Standards and develop your Process Standard Data for Process Engineering Applications.  Our instructor is one of rare few who is able to teach you Motion Pattern, Product/Component Design Orientation Effects, Cycle Time Analysis, Standard Data for automating process engineering and product costing function of new products.

Certified MTM Work Measurement


One-Piece Flow & Toyota Production System

Our Value Stream Process Engineering know-how is based on the Kanban Pull System to One-Piece Flow of the Toyota Production System.  We can engineer every process in the Value Stream to synchronize Cycle Time after reducing Set-Up Time, Unproductive Work Sequencing and incorrect workplace layout.  We show you how to correctly model the Value Stream and minimize the WIP Factor that clutter up your workflow.  We also compute the Man-machine Balance Factor to optimize man-hour productivity.  We will study your process flow to determine where modular sub-assembly are required, how much to make, and minimum quantity to stock at the Supermarket point.  Our work measurement know-how is par-excellence and this will be put to great advantage to precision engineer your Final Assembly Line, Modular Line, Cellular Line, etc ......


One-Piece Flow & Toyota Production System


Warehouse, Logistics & Hyper-markets

We have also conducted extensive study in large Warehouse Distribution Centre that supply to Supermarkets and Hyper-markets in Malaysia and China.   We establish and formulate Cycle Time Engineering Models that enable us to develop Manpower Staffing Standard in assembly, packaging, warehousing, store-keeping, picking and stacking activities for Capacity Analysis and Productivity Measurement and Control.


If you are looking for expertise in Managing Productivity in this area, please do contact us for a no-obligation discussion.  It is too complex for others without technical expertise in cycle time engineering, manpower model building, and work measurement knowhow.  We can do a much better job, in shorter time at lower cost with credible results. 


Warehouse, Logistics, Hyper-markets Training & Consultancy


Lean and GTM/MTM


GTM - Garment Time Measurement

Our GTM Process Costing System is now a must have Garment Sewing data Costing System.  It is now in use in the world number 1 premier quality garment manufacturing plant in China.  With our GTM Process Costing System in place, the company is able to provide Request for Quotations for new garment design in a much shorter period of time with a high level of accuracy in estimating labour hour inputs.  The Standard data derived from GTM is used for


                                     a)   New Garment Design Costing

                                     b)   Line Balance of Cell Line

                                     c)   Manpower Budgetary Control

                                     d)   Product Profitability Analysis

                                     e)   Process and Redesign


Because of our advanced research and development in this area, we are able to model development if advanced GTM for complex design of garments and speed up the GTM Analysis by process engineers to achieve high level precision in developing standard time for Product Design Costing.  If you want complete training and consultancy, we hold the key to all new development of GTM.  We are the pioneer and the leader in this field. 


GTM Training & Consultancy


Business and Operational Excellence


Business Excellence & Shingo Prize Operational Excellence

We also conduct Productivity  Diagnostic for Business Excellence and Operational Excellence.  Our Business and Operational Excellence diagnostic study will bring the best from our Lean, Productivity, Six Sigma, Work Measurement, Cycle Time Engineering, Value Stream Process Engineering, Value Engineering Analysis, Change Management knowhow and our expertise on implementing Toyota Production System knowhow and Total Productive Maintenance of JIPM.


Business Excellence & Shingo Prize

Operational Excellence - Training & Consultancy


TPM, Kaizen, Lean Consultancy Service

TPM stands for Total Productive Maintenance.  Since 1993 we have had trained and consulted for top companies to help them implement TPM.  We are the top TPM trainers/consultants for Sony, Toshiba, NEC, Samsung, Infineon, OSRAM, Panasonic, Intel, Fujitsu, Fuji-Electric, Acument, etc, etc.  Our instructors are JIPM Certified and therefore we are able to deliver TPM to achieve implementation success for Zero Loss and Zero Defect.  In our TPM structure, therefore are many pillars :-



Autonomous Maintenance


Planned Maintenance


Early Equipment Management


Focused Improvement


Quality Maintenance


Skill Development OJT


One of the main factor for our success in TPM Implementation is our ability to integrate all the fundamental requirements into our TPM Practitioner training.  This provides a lot of zeal for companies to want to succeed in achieving their journey toward zero loss and zero defects.  We can transform your plant and equipment within 6 months.


Our other areas of training and consultancy include:-

a) Business Excellence for Singapore Quality Award
b) Operational Excellence for Shingo Prize
c) Lean & Productivity Diagnostic
d) Manpower Budgetary Control for Production Deployment
e)        Workplace Transformation of Production & Service Operations for Quality Maintenance
f)        Lean Layout Workflow Design to achieve One-Piece-Flow, Pull Production, Continuous Production, Mixed Model Production
g) Lean Machine Design & Process Design for achieving Continuous Workflow
h) Standard Man Hours for Logistics, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Garment Sewing, Healthcare, Hypermarket Operations, Warehouse Distribution Centre, Engineering & Service Operations.
i) Kaizen Production Study for 7 Big Waste Elimination
j) Job Redesign & Job Evaluation
k)        Product & Process Innovation through Value Engineering & Application of TRIZ Innovation
l) Product Profitability Contribution Analysis
m) TPM - Total Productive Maintenance & Autonomous Control
n) Company-wide Cost Improvement
o) Process Engineering & Product Costing System
p) Production / Service Capacity Analysis
q) Equipment & production Performance Analysis
r)        Employee Wellness Transformation Change to uplift the productive spirit of the enterprise


Operational Excellence Consultancy





Line Design


Piece Flow




Flow Design


Man Hour






Or Process


Productivity Measurement




Product Cost




Cycle Time




Root Cause






TRIZ Process

& Innovation


Value Engineering

Product Cost







Sewing Data

Shingo Prize Operational


Lean Consultancy Enquiry


Our Resources & Clients

Our resource experts include Dr. Mark Goldstein, Robert Reid, Dr. Thomas Tan, Dr. Eden Chen, Davis Bothe, C. H. Wong, Andru Peters, George Rosenzweig, Dr. Dean Stamatis, Andy Sleeper, Robert Bylander.  Over the years we have trained more than 10,000 professionals throughout the Asia Pacific region and many more with technical knowhow certification.  Our Lean, TPM, consultancy service covers most of the top multi-nationals in Asia-Pacific region.


World-Class Garment Manufacturing Clients

We are the Lean Consultants / Productivity Consultants to many top multi-national manufacturing in Asia Pacific region and to most of Asia top multi-billion Garment Manufacturers for developing of One-Piece-Flow production.  We have had consulted for Gimmill Industries, Ramatex, Tai Wah, SL Global, Tri-State, Hirdiramani, Esquel and many top garment manufacturers in Cambodia, Vietnam, China. 


Top multi-national clients include:


Rolls-Royce Group, DHL, SHELL, AMOCO, Robert Bosch, Accument, OSRAM, Infineon, BOC Edwards, DMIB, Lemtronics, Toshiba, NEC, SONY, Samsung, Chartered, Astec, Wiltec Industries, Energizer, IECO, SAESL, Intel, Nokia, Jabil, GE, Vetco Gray, Gemalto, Sumitomo, Sumiko, Fuji Electric, DELL, Motorola, Shimano, Murata, Flextronics, HP, On-Semiconductors ........... and Hypermarket Industry - TESCO Malaysia and TESCO China, etc, etc .

And hundred of other organizations who have benefited from learning and using our Real techniques for making positive improvement.



Email at :

Call us at : Tel : 65-67488894


Public Training Courses & In-House Training

In Singapore, Malaysia, China & Asia Region

Our training courses are designed to impart real practical and relevant know-how that can be translated into in-house applications to transform positive change.


In our instructional method, we provide hands-on practical sessions to help the participants re-learn and to increase their competency.  Our training adds value on the hour-to-hour basis with illustrative examples to advance understanding.


We Customize

The Instruction

To Your Process

We Deliver

The Expert


In Details

We Make You

See The

Big Picture

You Know

The Small

Step Goals To

Get There

You Know

How To



We have conducted Lean Cycle Time Engineering since 1986 and have since trained and certified thousands of engineers on our Lean Six Sigma, Certified Lean Managers, Certified Lean Leaders (Healthcare), Certified Lean Six Sigma, TOC, Cycle Time Management, MTM, MOST Work Measurement, TPM, Set-Up Reduction, Global 8D Problem Solving, TRIZ Innovation, FMEA, Root Cause Analysis, One-Piece-Flow Design, Lean Manufacturing and Value Stream Mapping.


Our training focuses on knowhow transfer on HOW-TO-IMPLEMENT successfully based on our proven success with hundred of clients and thousands of certified engineers and managers in multi-national companies in Asia Pacific region.


You can secure IMPLEMENTATION SUCCESS through our knowhow transfer cum consultancy and MAKE REAL SAVINGS for your business.  We conduct in-house training and consultancy in all of Asia Pacific region.  Our consultants regularly contribute research articles to New Engineer of the Institute of Industrial Engineer.  We are also SPRING Certified PMC and ACTA Certified Trainers and have had professional expertise from GE Corporate Consulting Services.  We are confident of delivering to you real productivity improvement of 15% to 30%.  We have all the knowhow and system tools to tell you WHERE, HOW MUCH and HOW TO MAKE the Productivity Improvement a way of life in your organization.

Training / Consultancy Enquiry / Lean Publication





 Coming Training Courses

MTM-2 (Methods Time Measurement for work methods & ergonomic improvement of processes)
Price :S$ 2,890.00
Date :Call for Date

Methods Time Measurement [MTM-2] For workplace process time-based design standard data development for reliable product costing optimization
Pre Register the Course

TPM Autonomous Control
Price :RM 1,790.00
Date :Call for Date
Location:Kuala Lumpur

Total Productive Maintenance For transforming the workplace and equipment conditions to stabilize the process
Pre Register the Course

MOST WORK MEASUREMENT (for work redesign & advanced planning of resources)
Price :RM 
Date :Oct 27, 28, 29 & 30, 2014
Location:Kuala Lumpur

MOST« Work Measurement Techniques For analyzing the best sequence of work and developing work standard for process design costing, layout, engineering and ergonomic improvements
Pre Register the Course

Root Cause Problem Solving
Price :S$ 1,290.00
Date :Oct 30 & 31, 2014

Root Cause Analysis is an investigational approach to search for the core problem where one or several physical roots are hidden. Identification of the physical roots comprises of a series of steps involved in Root Cause Analysis. The intent of this course is to meet the need of industry for a thorough understanding :  How To Apply Root Cause Analysis to Different Type of Problem  What Are The Mapping Methodology And Their Related Applications  How To Find The Root Causes And Eliminate Them  How To Generate The Solutions For Solving The Core Problem Issue  How To Quickly Identify Key Determinant Factors Affecting The Quality of a Process  How To Quickly Identify The Key Determinant Factors of a Product Design/Service Design to prevent recurrence
Pre Register the Course

GLOBAL 8D INNOVATION - The Benchmarked G8D Problem Solving course covering all the 8D Requirement of Ford Motor Problem Solving Methodology (Plus Search For Redesign Opportunity)
Price :S$ 1,290.00
Date :Call for Date

The training includes practice session for each 8D Innovation discipline as well as discussion and instructor's involvement in making suggestions for corrections in the presentation of the practical sessions during the 2-day. The training includes a 8-page 8D document that need to be completed as the session goes along. This 8-page document could be customized to include special attachments depending on the depth of the data collection required. It is the only 8D course in the market with the capacity to seek Improvement and Redesign Opportunity for a Letter Permanent Corrective Action.
Pre Register the Course

PM ANALYSIS for Conducting Root Cause Failure Analysis on Equipment and Processes
Price :S$ 1,290.00
Date :Call for Date

PM Analysis relies on investigational method based upon physical principles of sciences, causes and effect analysis, interaction of physical elements, part function, mean life of components and their characteristics under varying determinant conditions. Physical Root Search model is also used to advance the methodology. Using the PM Analysis approach provides the basis for an in-depth analysis of the heart of the problem based on operating principles of equipment and constituents of processes. Identifying the features or the deteriorating physical function requires a discerning mind using a scientific investigational approach. Phenomena Mechanism Analysis helps the engineers to systematically map the many physical elements for survey of abnormalities and physical roots analysis.
Pre Register the Course

 New Courses

GLOBAL 8D INNOVATION - The Benchmarked G8D Problem Solving course covering all the 8D Requirement of Ford Motor Problem Solving Methodology (Plus Search For Redesign Opportunity)
Price :S$ 1,290.00
Date :Call for Date

The training includes practice session for each 8D Innovation discipline as well as discussion and instructor's involvement in making suggestions for corrections in the presentation of the practical sessions during the 2-day. The training includes a 8-page 8D document that need to be completed as the session goes along. This 8-page document could be customized to include special attachments depending on the depth of the data collection required. It is the only 8D course in the market with the capacity to seek Improvement and Redesign Opportunity for a Letter Permanent Corrective Action.
More Details...

Certified Lean Manager - 5-Day training to enable you to implement and manage your own Lean System
Price :RM 4,900.00
Date :Call for Date
Location:Kuala Lumpur

This certification from Lean Sigma Group provides the industry real know-how to redesign your manufacturing workflow to achieve One Piece Flow production and what you have to do to re-configure your processes for synchronized cycle time. The course also include industry best-in-class approach to Waste Analysis, How To Implement Autonomous Control to secure continuing support for Lean Success. The training also explain in detail how to measure losses in Equipment and in Production and implement "Whole Plant Problem Solving" This course addresses all the practical reality of the manufacturing world and would be ideal for Six Sigma personnel to hone their skills to a higher level. Many in industry executives all over Asia have found this course a top learning course for them. The ideas derived from this training can help companies to achieve tremendous savings. You will have the benefit to learn as much as you want.
More Details...

MTM-2 (Methods Time Measurement for work methods & ergonomic improvement of processes)
Price :S$ 2,890.00
Date :Call for Date

Methods Time Measurement [MTM-2] For workplace process time-based design standard data development for reliable product costing optimization
More Details...

LEAN MANUFACTURING - for implementing short cycle time delivery and cyel time engineering of value stream processes
Price :RM 1,790.00
Date :Call for Date
Location:Kuala Lumpur

Lean is speed in workflow, provided all the quality issues have been brought under control. Achieving Lean gives companies the quantum leap to improve profitability in today's fast business transaction from order to delivery. How fast this can be, is dependent on the flow of core processes along the value stream. The design of the Value Stream is the core issue surrounding the important concept of achieving SPEED. Each and every company has a different manufacturing strategy to meet its business goals and objectives. This strategy must correspondingly be reflected in the design of the value stream, the ownership and the deployment of resources along the value stream activities and employees' empowerment.
More Details...

LEAN BUSINESS PROCESS for cycle time reduction of office administration & business processes. How to implement value stream workflow in the office
Price :S$ 1,290.00
Date :Call for Date

Why Is There A Need For Lean Business Process The Office System constitutes an important aspect of the business activities of the enterprise. It is an essentials part of the larger enterprise to provide support for enabling all the business service and manufacturing processes, without which no enterprise can function to conduct business with their customers. It exits all the time to provide up-front activities in sales promotion as well as the back office activities or documentation processing and accounting. The purpose of Lean Office is to provide an opportunity to the existing office employees to examine a new way to achieve high level of productivity, lower cost of operation through lead time reduction and workflow improvement. This entails a close detail redesign of the workflow in the office and re-definition of the traditional office concept of work that has to be changed, controlled and managed according to the new requirements of Lean.
More Details...

Kaizen Production Study (The Best Known Approach For Achieving Effective Continuous Improvement)
Price :S$ 1,290.00
Date :Call for Date

Every organization today is pursuing continuous improvement as an important strategy for survive. Without it, cost will soon escalates and the company operations will no longer be able to compete.
More Details...

 Self Learning Packages

Cellular Manufacturing: One-Piece Flow for Workteams Learning Package
Price :S$ 615.00
Special Price :S$ 615.00
You Will Learn About: " Waste-reducing benefits of organizing workstations in cells, ensuring that work flows smoothly in the process sequence.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. Out-of-Print More Details...

Price :S$ 390.00
Special Price :S$ 390.00
Count on teams to reduce long-run costs while working alongside your mission and strategy. This portfolio shows you how.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...

Quick Changeover for Operators Learning Package
Price :S$ 615.00
Special Price :S$ 615.00
SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) or quick changeover technique is the -single most powerful tool for JIT production. Changeover is the process of setting up a production line for a different process or product. Many plants take hours or even days to do a changeover - a major barrier to manufacturing flexibility. This learning package, based on Shigeo Shingo's SMED System, begins the education process of teaching frontline employees the techniques and approaches that turn hours of changeover time into min-utes, even seconds!
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...

Mistake-Proofing for Operators Learning Package
Price :S$ 615.00
Special Price :S$ 615.00
The Zero Quality Control (ZQC) system is a mistake-proofing approach that prevents defects by monitoring process conditions at the source and cor-recting errors that would cause defects. In this breakthrough approach, mistake-proofing devices called poka-yoke are used to check and give feed-back about each product or operation in the process, not just a sample. This package helps start the education process by establishing the founda-tion to reach this goal - placing proven improvement tools in the hands of your company's entire workforce.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...

TPM for Every Operator Learning Package
Price :S$ 615.00
Special Price :S$ 615.00
Covering the main aspects of TPM, this package begins the education process that will introduce frontline workers to this revolutionary manufactur-ing strategy. The enhanced Leaders Guide includes full discussion guide notes as well as tips for addressing the issues that TPM often rais-es for operators. An excellent tool for supporting your TPM training initiatives.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. Out-of-Print More Details...

ASIT (Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking) Premier Course on CD-Rom
Price :S$ 52.00
Special Price :S$ 52.00
ASIT, A Revolutionary Creative-Thinking Method, Will Lead You Step-by-Step from Deadlocks to Breakthroughs. Boost your creative thinking skills, advance your career and improve your financial standing. Join the Ford Motor Company, Intel, Motorola, LG, leading universities and others who already practice creative thinking using ASIT to invent on demand.
Remarks:Price quoted is for single-user license. Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...
 Technical Courseware Packages

Price :S$ 1,140.00
Special Price :S$ 1,140.00
Develop practical, results-oriented quality science skills and enhance your preparation for quality improvement management.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...

Basic Measuring Tools
Price :S$ 4,080.00
Special Price :S$ 4,080.00
With this program, workers will master the essentials of handling, applying and reading the most common gages on today's shopfloors - from steel rules to micrometers and height gages.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...

Achieving Excellence : Process Improvement Skills for Teams
Price :S$ 6,390.00
Special Price :S$ 6,390.00
Achieving Excellence develops a solid understanding of process improvement strategies and gives teams the direction they need to effectively implement their solutions, It examines and integrates the basic activities of every process improvement project. And it provides the tools for gathering and quantifying ideas and data.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...

Basic Statistical Process Control
Price :S$ 4,080.00
Special Price :S$ 4,080.00
Basic SPC shows production workers how they can apply SPC in their work environment. It covers the basic concepts and tasks of collecting data, calculating values and constructing control charts. And it goes a step further, by explaining how to use SPC data to uncover problems, then apply basic techniques to analyze those problems.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...

Masters Statistical Process Control (Advanced)
Price :S$ 4,080.00
Special Price :S$ 4,080.00
SPC is more than simply gathering data and creating control charts. Implementing the program and knowing what to do with the information that's generated is what makes your SPC efforts pay off.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...

Blueprint Reading: Reading Engineering Drawings
Price :S$ 4,080.00
Special Price :S$ 4,080.00
Blueprint Reading develops workers' abilities to visualize a part from its drawing through a variety of media. Clean, computer-generated animation techniques maximize the instructional value of the videotapes. Numerous exercises build learners' application skills. And detailed guidelines for customizing the materials transfer learning to the production floor.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...
 TRIZ Products
Knowledge Wizard« software
Price :S$ 1,745.00
A business tool for systematic problem solving, ideal for anyone  from students to managers  involved in resolving everyday or complex business dilemmas. This software helps users capture detailed information about a problem situation and translate that data into a visual model that links cause-and-effect relationships to specific events and conditions.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...

Innovation WorkBench« with e-Learning
Price :S$ 6,200.00
A total innovation system that provides engineers with expert I-TRIZ assistance in solving challenging technological problems. Proven to help users develop implementable solutions that at times represent true technological breakthroughs.
Remarks:Price quoted is for single-user license. Please call for special price quotation. More Details...

Improver" software
Price :S$ 525.00
The Improver helps engineers improve the most typical product/process features by applying the extensive I-TRIZ knowledge-base, assembled from proven knowledge extracted from the worldwide patent libraries and other sources of tested technological knowledge.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...

TRIZ: The Right Solution at the Right Time
Price :S$ 130.00
The book by Yuri Salamatov, Ph.D., one of the world's leading TRIZ researchers and practitioners, supplies all the detailed and current information you will need to know about TRIZ.
Remarks:Price quoted does not include shipping and handling. More Details...

CREAX Systematic Innovation Suite
Price :S$ 3,695.00
CREAX now offers you the latest high tech software support that helps you with your innovation process. You get benefit driven access to systematic innovation, tools to systematize your creativity and to help you manage the complexity of your problems. You can analyze your current products in no time and solve your problems using the strategies of the best inventors worldwide. The CREAX Systematic Innovation Suite consists of 3 components : CreaTRIZ Classic (Technical) version 3.0 and leaves you the possibility to combine it with CreaTRIZ for Business & Management version 3.0 and the Evolutionary Potential program.
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Price :S$ 145.00
Hands-On Systematic Innovation is a 'doing' book. Its aim is to help readers generate tangible benefit from wherever their start point - whether it be an experienced TRIZ user or novice, or any type of technical problem or opportunity situation.
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 MOST Products and Softwares
MOST« for Windows
Price :S$ 11,375.00
MOST for Windows is a Windows-based work measurement tool that enables you to create and maintain a database of work elements. The soft-ware automatically produces times based on the MOST Keyword Language method description entered by the analyst. MOST for Windows allows you to quickly and accurately measure the time required to perform a job or task. Using work area layouts (graphical representations of an actual work envi-ronment), you use an English like "keyxvord" language to create steps within a sub-operation. A sub-opera-tion is a discrete, logical, and measurable part of a job or task.
Remarks:Price quoted is for single-user license. Please call for special price quotation. More Details...

Price :S$ 11,375.00
ErgoMOST" software enables you to analyze ergonomic risk in the work-place. ErgoMOST will assign a relative stress rating to each body member at the step- or job-level, and the analysis can be used to evaluate the effects of method improvements, rest periods, and/or job rotation.
Remarks:Price quoted is for single-user license. Please call for special price quotation. More Details...

Price :S$ 15,750.00
AutoMOST software captures the knowledge of the industrial engineer to allow others to set accurate and consistent time standards through an automated graphical user interface.
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  New Product Information
MTM-2 Work Measurement Design & Analysis Tool
Price :S$ 125.00
The MTM-2 Work Measurement Design and Analysis Tool is a user-friendly and easy to use tool for MTM-2 analysis. You can assess all MTM-2 Coding at the click of of a button.
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