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 LEAN BUSINESS PROCESS for cycle time reduction of office administration & business processes. How to implement value stream workflow in the office

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 Why Is There A Need For Lean Business Process The Office System constitutes an important aspect of the business activities of the enterprise. It is an essentials part of the larger enterprise to provide support for enabling all the business service and manufacturing processes, without which no enterprise can function to conduct business with their customers. It exits all the time to provide up-front activities in sales promotion as well as the back office activities or documentation processing and accounting. The purpose of Lean Office is to provide an opportunity to the existing office employees to examine a new way to achieve high level of productivity, lower cost of operation through lead time reduction and workflow improvement. This entails a close detail redesign of the workflow in the office and re-definition of the traditional office concept of work that has to be changed, controlled and managed according to the new requirements of Lean.

 The workflow waste in the office is several time higher than those of manufacturing operation. Lean Business Process provides the study of workflow wastes in the office & how the office workload can be re-structured to achieve small batch intermittent flow. Implementing Lean System in the office requires a good understanding on how to establish a reasonable standardized flow rate that is practically feasible from one process work center to another. The training is provided by an instructor who is a world class work study engineer.
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 This course is designed for implementing Lean office system involving office activites and data entry and documentation processing. It is a technical course involving re-organisng the workflow and the batch processing system as well as the redesign of the office layout. A really good course for those thinking of re-organing the office workflow for fast response.

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